About Us


Matt, Deb’s 35 yr-old son, has been added to the business and has been taking over most of the driving earning many super reviews!

Dan and Debbie Price met and married in 2008.

One year later they started their business: DDP  Equine Transport, LLC.
Debbie has been breeding, training and showing Quarter Horses and Paints for 40 years. She and Matt bred, foaled, raised, trained and showed Macho Town Chica to a Supreme Championship, APHA’s highest award, and WKN Chicas Icon to a multiple World Championship. She has worked for many Veterinarians in past years and both she and Matt have has been breeding AI, ultrasounding their own mares, foaling, collecting stallions and processing their semen for transport as well as the day to day treatment of colic and lacerations, etc. for many years. Both Deb and Matt have also been driving commercially with a Class “A” CDL in “big rigs” (18 wheelers) for many years as well as teaching in the truck driving schools and companies they have worked for.   They both have clean driving records and multiple driving awards. Deb even has experience on Canada’s famous “ice” roads and has even driven an “18 wheeler” on the frozen Arctic Ocean!

Dan is a 22 year retired veteran of Law Enforcement having supervised and been a dog handler with the canine unit for many years in California. He has worked with animals his whole life including the breeding and AI of cattle and working with horses. He has been transporting his own horses for many years as well. Dan is an avid horseback rider who prefers to ride the wilderness.

Dan and Deb decided to combine their talents and start a new business together: DDP  Equine Transport, LLC. They, and their son, Matt , transport horses throughout the USA and Canada. They continue to breed the finest AQHA & APHA registered horses on a limited basis and should have three or four foals available each year until retiring from transporting and getting back into full breeding production. They have also branched out into the Registered Angus beef cattle industry and are raising fine cattle on their ranch in the beautiful mountain valley of Sprague River, Oregon.

Dan and Deb also raise and train gorgeous German-bred German Shepherds. “Nikos”, a neutered male (in our trailer picture), “Anna” and “Falco”, their breeding male, take turns traveling with them.

Put your animals in the hands of Care, Knowledge and Experience!

Dan and Debbie Price 541.891.3127
Matt 541-891-8199